Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A Little Q&A Taken From my Comments

   Some readers have asked questions in the comments and I've meant to answer them, but then time went by and I realized they most likely would not see my answer anyway if I posted in the comments.  I've decided to answer them here in this post (some of these were kind of rhetorical, but I had things to say about the topic so I answered them anyway :D)

Jeff said,
 ". . .nice work going to the LBS - did they help you find the right size?"

      I'm not sure how they are supposed to size you at a bike shop, maybe someone can answer my question on whether this is the norm?  The older gentleman working there took down the only women's bike they had (which happened to be a Felt, so that is good at least) and I got on to see how it felt (no pun intended :D.)  The bike was a medium and I knew from looking on the Felt site that based on my height (5'4") I would probably be a small or a medium.  It seemed like a good fit to me, I was on my toes a bit and the guy told me I would probably want to lift the seat a little to be on my tippy toes more.  He asked me how the reach was and I told him I didn't know how the reach was supposed to feel.  Him: "well can you reach to the handlebars."   Me: "yes." 
     So that was pretty much it.  I mean, as far as I'm concerned the medium Felt, felt (lol again) like a decent fit, but I do think they could have been more informative/ helpful.  Nothing has been decided yet and I am going to try another bike shop this weekend.

Tom wrote this on my Persimmon post, 
   "What are the odds?  I'm 42 and have never seen one of those my entire life until last week." 

       Ok this was definitely a rhetorical question, but I had to answer it because I had also never seen one before I bought it 2 weeks ago.  Since I wrote that post, I've seen another blogger I read also write a whole post dedicated to persimmons and have heard/ read multiple other mentions of persimmons.  All leading me to the conclusion that I am going to have to try one again the right way.

Bikini Wannabe! commented,
  "Doesn't it feel good to not step on the scale?"

      YES, it does!  I do have to add though and I meant to say this earlier, I did not make it scale free to Dec. 23rd.  I've been on the scale twice.  I'm not beating myself up about this though, because if I hadn't made the change I would have been on the scale 100+ times (NO exaggeration, in fact that might be an underestimate) during the past two weeks.  Weighing 1x a week = A MILLION times better than weighing 70x a week.  And since I've been eating an abundance of produce, drinking enough water and getting good workouts in  those weigh-ins did not disappoint :)
     Anyway  no matter what the scale says, I can see my body getting fitter and tighter, my stomach getting flatter and more defined and I feel great!  When I ate and drank not so great this past weekend, I could see my stomach puff back up a little and I felt not so great on Monday.  That is motivation enough to stay on track!

There were two more that I started to answer, but they ended up being kinda long and I wanted to think about them a little bit more before I posted them.  They will be addressed in a future post.

Feel free to ask more questions!!  Answering these questions was great because they allowed me to talk about things I had been meaning to address anyway :)


Mamarunsbarefoot said...

I go through stages where I step on the scale every day then I say away from it. But the number never changes! I guess I should be happy I maintain my weight but would love to lose a few

JohnP said...

See if you can find a bike shop that caters more to triathletes. Or find one that sells more road racing bike than mountain bike or family level bikes. The more road/tri specialty shops will know what to do.

Let us know how it goes! Buying a new bike is exciting!!

Jason said...

The LBS should have the bike fit to you not the other way around.

RockStarTri said...

I recommend going to Babylon Bike. Ask for Mike. Tell him the Rock Star sent you. Mike is one of the top triathlon and cycling coaches on LI (and my coach - full disclosure). I've bought too many bikes there :)

Katie said...

OMG Rock Star, that is awesome!! Thank you for letting me know, I am going to head over there this weekend :D