Friday, December 24, 2010

"Give It Away, Give It Away, Give It Away Now" :D

     I have developed a deep passion for Knee Socks since starting this bloggy (three months ago on the 22nd :D),  so I thought it only fitting that I spread the Sockstar love with you all in my 2nd giveaway!

    I didn't want to leave out the guys, so I added some Clif Bar shtuff as well :)   Although I am sure all of your wives/girlfriends/whatev would love some Knee Socks, and you would  love them in 'em! (Matt is a fan ;)  Or if you want, you could wear them yourself, send me a pic and I'll post it!  I'd LOVE to have some knee sock wearing men on this very "special" blog :D ( Lady pics are welcome too!!)

 Onto the swag:

These ones come in a two pack:

Anddd Clif Bars (more to come):

Here is the breakdown:

             2 Winners- 2 pack of Knee Socks
             3 Winners- 1 pair of  Knee Socks
             2? Winners- Clif Bar Assortment

  More may be added during the week!! (I gots some Kohl's Cash)

LOVE these babies:

Yesss, I got ALL of these for myself, as well. I COULD NOT resist :D

and most of you have seen these:

     The double packs are from Kohls, the single socks are from Target, I tried to find them online, but neither store had them.  If you would like to go and buy these, I would suggest going to either store.

  Some people asked about the pink polka dot HIGH socks I wore in my last race, seen here.  They are adorable socks, but truth be told they don't stay up at all while running, plus they are kinda pricey for socks (I think like $15).  They are from Gilly Hicks and I checked their website also, no luck :/  But if you have a Gilly near you they might still be in the store (my bro got me a Gilly giftcard for Christmas!)

  Whatcha have to do:
      # 1~ Tell me whatcha want, what you really, really want.  (ie: Socks! Clif Bars!! Both!!!) +1
      # 2~ Come follow, follow, follow, follow, follow, follow ME. on GFC.  (Remember this song? I couldn't resist :P) +1
       #3~ Link it up on your Blog, FB, and/or Twitter (just once for each) + 1 for each =  +3 for all
Then leave it in one comment~

  For Example
        Don Juan:
    #1 I want it allll!!
    #2 I follow
    #3 Tweeted 

        Julia Goolia:
    #1 Gimmeee Soxxx

Contest ENDS on December 31st
[I really wish I could send it outside of the US, however after looking up mailing prices I realized it would cost a lot more than the socks were even worth,  Sorry :(   ]
   I think that is everything.

  No more posting from me till next week, so have a Super, Fantastic Holiday!!!  I'm so excited to spread the sock love, I WILL be updating if/WHEN I add to this little giveaway :)

I'll catch you on the flipside (Yayy 2011!!!!). . .


Jess @ Blonde Ponytail said...

Yay! I love your tast in socks! I really want the pastel striped ones...and a cliff bar to boot!

Jess @ Blonde Ponytail said...

I follow you of course and you are my blog roll!

Jess @ Blonde Ponytail said...

Linking to my!

Shannon said...

#1 I want it all! Would love me the ones in the second picture, on the far right (grey with little blobs of color)
#2 I follow
#3 Posted on my blog!

Sarah said...

#1 I love all the socks, and can never have too many clif bars!
#2 I follow your blog. =)
#3 Posted to FB

Bikini Wannabe! said...

I love knee highs too! Aren't they fun? Good luck finding your winner!.....and yes, you are linked up on my blog :o)
Merry Christmas!!

MuncherCruncher said...

#1 I want BOTH!!! Love them :)
#2 I follow!!

Julie said...

#1 I want it all :-)
#2 I'm a follower!!

Shannon said...

#1 I want it all!, but especially the socks!
#2 I'm a follower

Heidi said...

#1 My favourite socks are the pairs that you are wearing. So cute!
#2 I'm a follower

Shy said...

I love the socks! Super cute! Of course can't go wrong with the bars either. :) Just signed up to be a follower too.

Katherine said...

#1 I want it allll!! Especially the socks to motivate me to keep running as I train for my second half.
#2 I follow
#3 Tweeted

screwdestiny said...

#1 I am down for socks and Clif Bars! I don't own any cute socks. At all. So I could use some!
#2 Of course I follow!

Nicole said...

I love following you! You're so inspiring to me =)