Friday, December 3, 2010

Ch-ch-changes: Breaking My Scale Addiction

  The first post in which I introduce you to my crazy.

   Here goes nothing. . . deep breath. . . I have a confession: I am a scale addict and up until yesterday (when I decided things HAD to change) I weighed myself on average, ten times a day.  It was quite the process, because I did not just hop on the scale, nooo everything had to come off for these weigh-ins (jewelry included.)  Even if I was all dressed and ready to go, if the urge hit I would strip down, hop on the scale and then re- dress.  Seriously sick.

Here's some times I felt appropriate for weigh-ins:

~When I wake up (after going to the bathroom, before ingesting anything)~ What I regarded as my "true" weight for the day
~ As soon as I get home from work
~ Before I exercise
~ After I exercise
~ After eating anything
~After drinking anything
~ Before dinner
~ After dinner
~ Upon returning to the house from anywhere
~ Before bed
~ Whenever else the urge hit :/


     Yesterday I took a huge step in my life,  after I wrote my weigh-in post and said that I wouldn't have another blog weigh-in for three weeks I decided that I wouldn't step on a scale at all for these three weeks either.   I've made it a day and a half so far and I consider that quite the accomplishment.  It's been on my mind, I've been tempted, I almost caved, butttt I kept my resolve!   I will not step on a scale again until Dec. 23rd, and even then I will not resort back to my time sucking, mood changing, multi-daily weigh-ins.  
      This was actually one of the goals I wrote about (although I didn't admit to my 10+ habit then) when I first started this blog in October, except at the point I was not willing to change my behavior so I just let it fall by the wayside since it was easier.  I am now ready and determined to make this vital change.
       Part of it is a habit/comfort thing, I'm so used doing it, and maybe I feel secure knowing where I'm at?  Do I think I am going to gain 10 lbs in the 3 weeks I'm not using the scale?   It has been weird the past two days, having to stop myself because my impulses tell me to jump on the scale.
       I was skeptical about posting this, afraid of how I'd be perceived, but it's been filling my head, I needed the therapeutic release that comes with expressing my thoughts.   I've always been one to hold my emotions in, blogging/ writing is helping me better express myself, and helping me grow and improve as a person.  

This is posted at the foot of my blog, but it fits so well here too:

"You only ever grow as a human being if you're outside your comfort zone." ~Percy Cerutty

and here I am still afraid to hit post. . .


Emz said...

Great post.

I have had 99% of these thoughts too.

Ditched my scale at 19. Have not owned one since. which has = happier Emz.

Thoughts in writing.

Melissa Cunningham said...

yup,agree with EMZ,
i ditched my scale almost 2yrs ago!!!!

TRI714 said...

I get it, but really you keep up your normal activities your doing right now and forget about weigh ins. Thats just crazy talk blondie.

Chelle said...

The first step in breaking an addiction is to acknowlege/admit that you have one. Doing it publicly can be quite a liberating exercise. Now that its out there in the open you can move forward and break the habit once and for all!!

Just_because_today said...

Katie, when I was heavy I weighed myself all the time when dieting. I lost slowly and gained fast. It was awful.
When I lost the weight, it was the time when I didn't weigh myself. I simply started losig weight when I changed some eating habits (not all purposely) and to this day I very seldom get on the scale and hate it when the doctor makes it step on it. I always disagree with it, anyway

Ron said...

way to go. Thanks for helps.

JohnP said...

Sounds like you check alot because you're looking for instant gratification. As if you are maybe hoping it will be lower next time you step on it.

If you have a solid plan to hit your target weight, then the goal will be reached without checking the scale all the time. Get your workouts in and count the calories and everything else is moot.

Admitedly, I just got here, I still have to catch up on the rest of your posts lol

Andrew Opala said...

interesting ... for you this probably means seeing a lot of actually reasonable numbers ...

for me it means seeing a lot of numbers in the high 200s.

when you see those a few times ... you tend not to want to come back for more!

Love the irony in the post ... or is that Vitamin B12 ... not sure!

Jess @ Blonde Ponytail said...

You are so brave to post this!! Glad you could use your post as a therapeutic method!

That # can mean a good or bad day for me--isn't that crazy...a few lbs, can do that?! I totally can relate.

Thanks for posting.

Shawn said...

Hi Katie,

New follower but I do follow 3 of the commenter's (you know who you are!!!!).

It is a brave thing to just be honest in public.....I used to be really concerned about the #'s but now I concentrate on how I feel...and it is just a number, up here, down there...I look forward to see how it goes....great read

The Hungry Runner Girl said...

Thank you for writing this! Awesome post. Congrats on making it a day and a half. I weight myself everyday and I am going to copy your goal and wait a few weeks until I do it again. Thank you for being honest, you are helping a lot of people:) Keep us updated and you can do it:)

Crafty Jogger said...

I am a total scale addict too! I'm not ready to stop checking my scale, but I am working on NOT calorie counting myself...trying to get back to the intuitive eating now that I am at my goal weight. Good luck with the scale rehab!!

Rae said...

I used to hate weighing myself/getting weighed. A little over a year ago when I started really getting in shape, I deciced to have 1 weigh-in day a week. So now I weigh myself every Friday morning and that's it. I think it's good that you wrote this post, so maybe you will be able to hold out until Dec 23. You can do it!