Friday, December 10, 2010


                     45 minutes of stair running
       (time spent running stairs usually: 22-25 minutes, after that my legs are dead)

that went a little something like this:

20-ish minutes in. . .I'm feeling good today, I think I can make it to 30

At 30 minutes. . . Oooo I love this song, I can make it up and down 4 more times to get to 35

At 35. . . Yay 'nother great song I might as well keep going while I listen to it

At 40. . . (yea actually there was another awesome song)  but I was also thinking, if I'm going to be a member of EAP, I'd better start doing some actual endurance stuff.  Say what you will about 45 mins. not being endurance, but on stairs, for me. . .hell yeaah it is.

All in all it felt great :D  Not only did I go longer, but I went faster than usual (for the first 30 mins. anyway, after that I was all, "just make it up without your legs collapsing underneath you,  please").

Im a nut:  I could easily semi-easily go longer if I took every step when my legs got too tired to take every other step, but I am very OCD about my stair routine.  I HAVE to alternate between taking every step all the way up and then on the next set taking every other.  I guess I think taking every other step has more benefit and it's also harder (for me anyway) so I alternate.  I would feel like I'm cheating if I take every step on every set. 
     I also lose track sometimes on which set i'm on (I used to remember bc each set would take me 1:30; so I'd start with every step/ 1:30 every other/ 3:00 every step/ 4:30. . . etc., but I got faster and now I get confused.  I'll take it :D) so I usually just go with every other step when I forget, that way I don't feel like i'm taking the easy way out.


Tricia said...

great workout!

TRI714 said...

loosing track, I do this with swim laps, and then punish myself by doing more. Because I refuse to do less.

Melissa Cunningham said...

your makin me jelous!

JohnP said...

hah I cant count either. I always lose track. I always err on the side of caution and do more than I probably should. Kinda like a penalty for stupidity and all lol.
Watch your knees on the steps - It's hard on them! Way to push through it!

admin said...

Hi! Just found your blog,your looking really good and fit! Dont think beach 2011 will be a problem :).

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Mamarunsbarefoot said...

Wow!!! Yeah after I had my first child I was going no where near a beach! HAHA!!

Keri said...

Those stairs are a killer workout, great job!

Srdjan said...

Seems like music really gets you through the workout! Keep that playlist going!