Thursday, November 18, 2010

Virtual 10k with the Black Knights

  Today is usually my stat update, but I am exactly the same as last week and those measurements are only 4 posts down so I'm going to skip the update this week.  I will say though that I was worried during the week because my weight was up a bit due to birthday meals and drinking, but this morning 121 on the dot :)  Next Thursday is my 5k race and Thanksgiving, maybe I will move my weigh-in to Friday, that is some motivation to not stuff myself right there.

Instead today I am going to post about the virtual 10k race I ran this morning.  The 10k is being hosted by the wonderful Stefano from Run With the Black Knights, who I found through Julie's Running Blog. The rules are to run 10k (it does not have to be a race) between Nov.8 -Nov. 28 while wearing something black.  Today was my distance day so I figured I would try to push it and run a decent time as well.  My course was 1.5 miles from my house to the local NYS park, 3.2 miles in the park and 1.5 m back to my house.

All Blacked Out
 (PhotoBooth pics are always so blurry from a distance, I need to start using my real camera more)

Except for my colorful shoes and socks.

10k's are scary, I'm more of a 5k person :P

Heading out the door.



Thank you Stefano for hosting this 10k, it helped me push myself more on my distance day.  I often tend to zone out on my longer runs and end up running some slow miles especially in the middle.  Now I have to look for a real 10k to participate in!


Melissa Cunningham said...

great job girl!!! you totally reminded me of my first ever 10k race!i was pregnant and didnt know it at the time!lol!
which btw,you were a full minute faster!

TRI714 said...

sub 8 minute miles. Awesome! woo hoo

Black Knight said...

Thank you, the Black Knight Army is proud of LADY Katie. It is a honour for us to see you in black armour. Congrats, you ran a very fast 10k.
Good luck on your next race (5k).

Big Daddy Diesel said...

IMpressive time!!!

Katie said...

Thank You all :D

Mel~ Yours was on hills though and pregnant lol, I'm excited for our 5k's on Thanksgiving!!

TRI714~ I'm hoping to go sub 7 min. on my 5k Thurs., we shall see. . .

Black Knight~ Thank you so much, I love the BK army :)

BDD~ Thank you, I need to run in a 10k race now to see what I can really do!

Katie said...

I have to add that BDD, I love how you capitalize IM in any circumstance :)

Alejandro "TheFittestVegan" said...

WOW 46 Mins thats crazy..