Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thanksgiving Turkey Trot 2010

    I'm finally getting to the full race recap, the past few days have been a little crazy.  Friday we went to my m-i-l's house to celebrate Thanksgiving, since we spent Thursday with my family.  She offered to watch Nolan for the night so that Matt and I could go out somewhere on our own (love her!).    Yayy, I made Matt go out dancing with me (like full on club dancing, I like to pretend i'm still 21 sometimes :D).  Of course this involved too much drinking as well and so yesterday I was totally incapable of doing anything.

     The only exercise I got between Friday and Saturday was 3+ hours of dancing (in heels, calf workout!). I attempted running on my treadmill yesterday and gave up at 2 1/2 minutes when I realized I would most likely get sick if I went any longer.  Ohh and some assisted pull-ups on Friday, I'm determined to get my first full unassisted pull-up!!

    I have a lot of topics that have come up over the weekend that I will address throughout the week, some exciting stuff (for me anyway)!  First things first, race report:

     This race was a lot less eventful than the last one, no domestic turmoil, no lost iPod and no rushing to make the race.  I pre-registered this time, which is a good thing because the race reached the 1,000 person cap early in the morning.  My son was going to do the kid's race (which was before the 5k this time), but when we got there it was very crazy with people everywhere, a lot bigger then last race and he got a bit scared and didn't want to do it anymore.

  At 8:50, I made my way over to the starting line for the 9 o' clock start,  I usually try to start up in the front, somehow I got stuck in the middle and there was literally no way to move any closer.  I was just happy I wasn't stuck behind the parked police car in the middle of the start area.  They forgot to move it before the start of the race and half the people were lined up behind it.  The runners lined up behind it had to maneuver around it once the gun went off.

   Being in the middle at least I was kept warm, which I needed since the race did not end up starting till 9:20!  We were all lined up at nine, standing around wondering when the race was actually going to go off.  I couldn't see with all the runners in front of me so I had no clue what was taking so long and everyone around me was making comments and one-liners about the ridiculous start.  I was just thinking that if the race started on time I would have been done by now!  When it finally did go off I hugged the side of the street and bypassed a few hundred people running down the middle of the road.  Within the first minute I got near the front of the race, where it was much less congested and I could do my thang :D

  The race is kind of a blur, I was very cold, not my legs (I guess bc they were doing all the work, they stay warm?), but my face, my hands, some of my toes felt numb.  Breathing in the chilly air hurt, maybe since I've done most of my interval training inside?  I'm not sure the temperature, around 40 F I believe, but there was a bit of a wind chill as well.  I know that my first mile was around 6:58 (they had a big display for each mile split)  and then mile two was right about 14 min.

   During the race I saw my H.S. winter track coach cheering on the side which made me very happy :D My thoughts were on the negative side throughout the race,  I had such positive thoughts during the days beforehand about powering through the pain and staying strong and confident.  Of course then you actually race and it is hard and it hurts and you're thinking why do I do this to myself and I'm not going to be able to keep this pace up and I'm not running another 5k for a long time, and blah, blah, blah. Negative thinking aside I made it through and I achieved one of my race goals of breaking 22 :D  I had also set loftier goals of 21:30 and Sub 21, and although I didn't reach them this time, they will be mine!!

     I was very happy to find that I had beaten three girls that I used to compete against in H.S. and often beat me!  They were 1-2-3 behind me in the age group results, one of them actually passed me momentarily near the end, but then I started kicking with 400 meters to go and she was history ;)

    The boys always explore  while I race, so no pictures of me running :/  This race started and ended by a very cool little bay beach, so while I was running Nolan was doing this:

Final time and placing:

Katie McGrath #546

Age: 26 Gender: F
Clock Time21:52
Overall Place96 / 1036
Gender Place19 / 576
Division Place5 / 81
Of course a few hours after the race I was back to thinking, "I can go faster next time, that didn't feel so bad, I have more speed in me, I want to run another 5k soon!!!" :D  All day Friday I thought about getting faster, Faster, FASTER! (which will be the topic of an upcoming post )  Now i'm off to do an hour of stair running to make up for the rest of this weekend :)


Black Knight said...

Nolan made the right thing!
4'22"/km is a very fast pace and you lost something at the start because of the crowded pack.
A wonderful performance you are in the first part of the first pack. Congrats.

Melissa Cunningham said...

ha! we are too much alike when it comes to racing!!!
hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Julie said...

You are FAST, Katie!! Good job!

Abby said...

WOW! Great job! I hate when I get done and 2 seconds later I feel great, and I always think I should have pushed just a little faster, lol!

I bet you can do that pull up now, you should just try it!

Jess @ Blonde Ponytail said...

Great job...Nolan is an absolute doll!

Matty O said...

Great time there! You are thinking right, you can always go faster :) That is my mentality.

keep up the good work!


Nice time and great place. Gotta be proud of that one knowing it can only get better..

Shellyrm said...

Wow! Great 5k pace. Serious speediness.

Thanks for joining my journey of running through life. I hope my years of experince can somehow encourage and inspire you. Although with your speedy legs I bet you'll do your fair share of inspiring me, too!

TRI714 said...

Races are tough to stuff all the swirling thoughts. You had great times. Congrats.