Monday, November 8, 2010

Sprint Interval Workout~11/8

Today's speed workout:

0- 5  Started at  .5 to 3.0 for the 1st minute, 6.0 for most increasing to 7.0
5-6      9.0
6-7      6.0
7-8      9.1
8-9      6.0
9-10    9.2
10-11  6.0
11-12  9.1
12-13  6.0
13-14  9.0
14-15  6.0
15-16  8.8
16-20  6.0
20-22  3.0 12% incline
22-25  6.0
25-26  8.7
26-27  6.0
27-28  8.8
28-29  6.0
29- 30 8.7
30-40  6.0-6.4

     The hardest part was min 5 - min 16, that was were the real sprint intervals were.  It was hard to relay this workout accurately, because I was going a lot by how I felt during it, and so some of the minute rests where it says 6.0 were partially done at 3.0 to recover (I increased to 6.0 when I felt ready.)  At the end I put in some 8.7-8.8, I wanted to see how that pace would feel when I was already tired out.  The first 8.7 (6:54 pace aka what I want to race my next 5k at) pace felt great and I actually held it for more than a minute (1:15) even though I listed it as a min. up top.   I could have held it a bit longer, but I was just experimenting with how it felt to run that pace with tired legs.  It is strange to me that at 8.7 I could feel strong and in control, but at 8.8 I was barely holding on (although again this was done near the end of the workout where I already felt trashed.)
     I don't think I have been doing enough speed work lately and I am going to try to get a few more sprint workouts (at least one longer interval)  in during this week and a half before mini tapering.  We will see how it works out on Thanksgiving :)

1 comment:

Melissa Cunningham said...

sounds awesome girl!!!!!!!
we are def heading towards the same goal!!!!
i have no doubts you will be at or under 21:30!!!!
keep it up!