Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Race Attire Preview

Here is what I am most likely wearing if Matt will let me out of the house in it, I was inspired to go a little over the top by my co-workers (below).  Well actually, I've planned to wear these socks for a week now. . . if it is too cold for my shorts, I'll wear them over tights.  

Run For the Bikini. . .or the Thanksgiving wine :D

Obviously, I missed my calling as a model :P

Non-blurry face, I'm attractive!

Ok I had wayyy too much fun taking pics, for everyone's sake the rest are under the cut:

Pretend Surfing? or Fly Like a G6 ;)

No Clueee

Keep Running

I swear I'm not as in love w/ myself as it seems, quite the opposite actually.   Not that being in love w/ (or at least loving)yourself  is a bad thing, I wish I was, I'd have a lot more confidence.  I do like what my running and workouts are doing for my body though :D

Most of this little photo shoot-y was done to music (which maybe? explains some of my sick moves, dancing makes me veryyyy happy!)  Love this song:

Internet Killed the Video Star

I'm also pysched! for my race if you couldn't tell :)


Diet Chic ~ Jury said...

your outfit is super cute, love the socks!! you look great =) good luck with the race!!

jovana said...

LOL you gotta have some fun! Cute socks btw!!!

Melissa Cunningham said...

cute socks! you look amazing! no doubts you will rock that race!!!!

Katie said...

Thanks girls!! I did have a lot of fun dancing and posing (i'm easily amused) :) and I looovvee my socks, they were a bday present :D I showed Matt the pics and he does not! want me racing in it, but too bad for him ;)

Snow said...

I see no problem with what you plan to wear.

Katie said...

Snow ~ I don't either :) He is just overprotective, I don't think he likes me leaving the house w/o him :/

The Hungry Runner Girl said...

You are adorable! Love the pictures. Good luck with your race!

Just_because_today said...

looks very appropriate to me, why wouldnt you be "allowed"? love the socks! I should get me a pair like that.

Thanks for the visit. I will be visiting to get some tips on fitness. I can always use them. And...to keep the 5K for 26.2 miles...that would be very impressive and your 5Ks would be even faster then.

J.Flo said...

Complete Fabulosity! I want those!

kdbaker05 said...

I know I'm uber late coming to this...but I just found your blog. You're so stinkin' cute and remind me of a much prettier and in much better shape version of me. I think it's the 80's music and socks and general dorkiness....I LOVE IT!! :D