Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Last Post (I promise) on the Halloween Race

     I've already written plenty about Sunday's race, but I could not omit this last part :)  If you read the first post  on the race, then you know that  I  lost my iPod shuffle at some point while running from the car into my house to grab our camera.  After I had searched all around my seat (I was on the passenger side), I had decided that I must have had it in my hand when I went inside and then put it down and forgot it when I grabbed the camera.  Also you may know that Matt and I were not on the best of terms on this morning, he did not so much as glance around for the iPod.
      I can honestly say that when I realized it was missing I though about just going home and forgetting about the race, that is how upset I was about not having my music.  But I sucked up and ran, thankfully, because it ended up being a great race.  Anyway all that is already recap-ed below, the best (sarcasm) part of the morning happened when I got home.
     When I got home from the race I checked the spot where I thought I might have put my iPod down, it's not there.   My immediate thought is that it must have fallen on the road when I got out of the car to get my camera, I had it on my lap at the time so this is definitely a plausible situation.  I run outside to the road, we had stopped right in front of our house towards the side of the road. Nope not there, now I am assuming it was there, but a pedestrian found it during the two hrs we were away.
      I'm not ready to give up on it yet though, I make one final search of the car.  I conclude that it is definitely not anywhere around my side of the seat.  I decide why not check by the driver's seat,  I'm sure you can see what is coming...   there in plain sight, right next to the seatbelt buckle is MY iPod!!  I couldn't see it earlier because my view was blocked by the center console.  At this point I am both really happy (that it's not lost) and really, really mad.  If Matt had made any attempt at all to help me look for it on the drive there, even just a glance to his side, it would have saved me a load of anxiety and stress.  
     Being the bigger person that I am :D,  I did not make a big deal of it when I came back inside.  I mentioned where it was and how any effort into helping me would have found it, but it was Halloween, the rest of the time at the race was very enjoyable and I didn't want to hold a grudge while trick-or-treating.  Although, I am still getting over the fact that it was there, in the car, the whole time  :/

Despite all of my issues, Nolan had a great time there and Matt enjoyed it with him.  Some of the things they did while I raced:

The race started and finished at an Environmental Center which had this amazing decorated mansion on it's property

Taking in the Fall beauty.

It was a very kid friendly race.

Happy Halloween!!!


Melissa Cunningham said...

glad you found the ipod!!!!

Snow said...

My wife does the same thing. She will "lose" something swear she looked everywhere for it and I will ask her" Where is the last place yuo absolutely remember having it?" and of course it always there she missed it or something. At least you found it