Tuesday, November 16, 2010

"Hills are speed work in disguise."

Quote by Frank Shorter :)

Today's Incline Interval Workout:
0-3 ~ Warm-up
Brought it up to 12% incline for the next 10 min
3-4    6.1
4-5    3.0
5-6    6.2
6-7    3.0
7-8    6.3
8-9    3.0
9-10  6.4
10-11 3.0
11-12 6.5
12-13 3.0
Back down to 1% incline
13-14      3.0
14-17:30 6.0
17:30-19 9.0
19-21      3.0

     The days that I do incline running I consider as my speed days. I actually have a pace chart that tells you what your equivalent pace is on inclines, but it only goes up to 10% incline.  I just found this pace calculator  to figure out what my pace was today and it puts 6.5 mph at 12% incline equivalent to running 10 mph  (6:00 min mile), 6.1 at 12% is equivalent to 9.4 (6:22).  No wonder why my legs burned so much :D
   When I threw in the 9.0 at 1% incline in the end it felt super easy compared to the rest of the workout.  My goal pace for next Thursday is 8.7mph (6:55), I'm feeling very ready after today.  I needed to get in a good workout like this  since I kinda slacked on the running over the weekend and was getting down on myself thinking I wouldn't be able to run sub-22 in 10 days.   Well . . . i'm back to feeling confident!

I also found this great article on hill/incline workouts from active.com while searching for my title quote (I knew the quote already but I forgot who said it.) :)


Big Daddy Diesel said...

Even walking at an incline 10% or higher stimulates the exact same muscles as running. Going high also leaves less impact and easier on the joints. And builds insane strength

Melissa Cunningham said...

awesome job!no doubts you will get that sub 22. im aiming for that as well!!!

Jess @ Blonde Ponytail said...

Nice work!!! Thanks for sharing your trining plans!