Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween Race Report: Part Two

   Alright that first post was a bit of a downer so I wanted to get this part up as soon as possible.  It is a much happier post:

       When the last post left off, I was at the starting line with 8 minutes till the gun, clearing my head and getting ready to kick some ass.  I hadn't seen Matt and Nolan since I left them to register while they parked the car.  I figured I would meet up with them when I finished, right now I had to concentrate on myself and my race.  First I was still bummed about my music since I never run without it anymore and I could not imagine racing without it right now.  But then I though of all the races I ran in H.S. and college without ever listening to music, if i could do it then I could do it now.  It was a beautiful fall day and I was going to take in the peacefulness of racing sans blasting music.
       Then I got a huge spirit boost when while waiting for the race to start I saw my college xc coach, she lives in the area and actually ran to the race as a warm-up.  I went over, said hi to her and caught up a bit.  She recently had a baby and is just getting back into running (she was a major H.S. and college running rock star, college 5k time of 16:54!!!)
       Okay 1 minute till start I am feeling good again and any lingering frustration I have I'll take out by busting my ass on the roads.  The race starts and I get into a nice groove, my pace is controlled, I want to be able to finish just as strong as I start.  Throughout the first mile I am picking off people who went out way faster then they could maintain.  First mile split~ 7:14.
        I'm happy with this split, although I do wish it was a little faster because if I slow down at all I won't hit my goal time.  I'm continuing to pass people, though less than in the beginning, I pass one guy, right around the first mile and he hangs with me.  Throughout the second mile he is right there behind me and it is helping to keep me paced.  This guy knows EVERYONE, every single person we pass on the side of the road he says hi to and they all know his name.  Second mile split~ 14:28 or another 7:14 mile
        Wow, I am right on pace, as long as I keep this up for the last mile I'll be right there at goal time!  The last mile I am really wishing I had my music  but I keep myself motivated with this quote, "Mind is everything. Muscle - pieces of rubber. All that I am, I am because of my mind." ~Paavo Nurmi  
       All of you who race know how every race is just as much a test of the mind as it is of the body. I also though about my little bloggy and my readers, I did not want to come back here and post anything over 22:30 :)
       I'm feeling confident now, the guy who was running behind me has passed me, but I am still holding on and sticking with him.  There is a girl right behind me who I recently passed and I am determined not to let her beat me.  I can hear her breathing behind me for the whole last half mile but I won't let up.  In the last 100 meters I throw it in to high gear, I can see the timer still in the low 22's,  I'm going to do it!   Finishing time~ 22:26/ 7:14 pace exactly.    I do not think I have ever ran such steady race before.
       My running partner (who ended up being the town councilman, no wonder he knew everyone!)  throughout the race is just ahead of me in the finish shoot and he thanks me for pulling him along and I thank him for pushing me along :)  They announce each person as they cross the finish line and I hear my coaches name called about 30 secs after I finish.  I waited for her, congratulated her, we talked a bit more and then she had to run back home to her baby :)  I went over to the food table stocked up on cliff bars and gels (there were boxes and boxes full of them) and then I found the family.

Final Results: 22:26 ~ 22/310 overall, 4th Female, 2nd in my age group:
They gave the winners pretty bags and matching mugs :)
I was so happy with my race and my time that I couldn't even be mad at Matt anymore, I just wanted to enjoy the rest of the day and the Nolan's first race.

This post got long fast so I will recap the kids' race and some of my final thoughts in a third part. . .


Emz said...

great job! Love the costume.

Melissa Cunningham said...

whoooo-hooooo! loved the re-cap!
you did awesome!!!
being the competative person i am,my goal this weekend is also under 22:30

Rae said...

Awesome job! You are fast!

Big Daddy Diesel said...

Congrats, nice race Ms Speedy

Angie said...

Well done!

Vicki said...

Wow! You did great!!

Katie said...

Thank you! Aiming for sub-22 next :D