Saturday, November 20, 2010

Good Luck Joca!

  Tomorrow my friend Jovica aka Joca (yow-tza) is competing in Ironman Arizona!  He qualified and competed in Kona 2008, with a 9:54 qualifying time at Lake Placid 2008.  This is his first IM since then as he took some time off to spend with his new baby girl :)
   Joca rowed for the same college as me, but graduated before I was on the team.  I met him while working the summer rowing club at the college in 2004.  He came to row a few times a week and we started running together whenever we were both there.  We lost touch for a while after that summer but then we caught up last November at the annual alumni boat race.   I messaged him a few weeks ago on Facebook to see if he would be at the alumni race this year and to let him know that I've started training for my first triathlon.  He couldn't make the alumni race because he had to get in his final training for IMAZ, but he told me that he'd help me with my training when he returns from AZ.

Joca at Kona 2008

I'll definitely be tracking and cheering him on from home with  :D

Update:  ~1:13:21 for the swim 
               ~5:15:47 for the bike - 6:34:25 total time after bike.   Also, Chrissie Wellington is a beast in the best possible way.
               ~ 3:22:02 for the run
9:57:40 Finishing Time!!

Way to go Joca :D  97th overall/ 16th age group


The Hungry Runner Girl said...

Wow, I can't imagine even attempting an ironman. That will be so much fun to watch. Have a great time. I am loving your blog. So many great ideas:)

Julie said...

Go Joca!!! Finishing an Ironman is such a huge accomplishment:)

Julie said...

How Awesome!! Go Joca!
I have a couple of friends at AZ IM today, too - hope it's a great race for all!

Black Knight said...

Ironman .... one word explains everything. Congrats.