Saturday, November 13, 2010

The Good and The Bad~ Eating and Exercise

 Good~ Since Thursday was my birthday, I've gone out to eat a few times over the past week to celebrate.  I was very happy to find out that most restaurants now include calorie counts on their menus.  I don't know if this is only on Long Island, all of NY, or the whole country.  I know a few years ago NYC was required to have calorie counts for everything, but this is the first time I've seen it in all the restaurants here.  The places I dined and saw calorie counts were, Applebee's, California Pizza Kitchen, and Starbucks.  I know seeing the calories helped me make healthier choices.  Do the restaurants near you have calorie counts now?

Good~ Tuscan Panzanella  
 Bad~ On that same note, although I ate healthy, I ended up drinking my calories instead.    At Applebee's I had a half salad and then only ate half of it, but I had two large pomegranate martinis.  Each one came in a shaker which filled my glass two and a half times.  Matt did share some of it with me, still each one had around 300 calories.  At CPK I had the Tuscan Panzanella salad from the small cravings menu, two Avocado Egg Rolls (not the most healthy but limiting myself to two kept the calories down) and the Harvest Punch drink, which once again has around 300 calories.  I am a sucker for super sweet mixed drinks :/
Bad~ Harvest Punch (but oh soo good!)

Good~ I ran a mile for time on Thursday and I finished in 6:30, I am pretty happy with that.  I also took a new push-up max test after 2 weeks following the 100 push-up program, I can now do 20 consecutive push-ups.  That is more than double my starting max of 8 :D

Bad~ I've been giving myself serious anxiety before hard workouts.  On Thursday I had planned to do mile repeats, I felt like I was going to be sick before hand just thinking about it.  I told myself to go out and do one and see what happens.  So I went ahead, gave my all and ran the 6:30 mile.  And yeah, it hurt, actually It really hurt my chest because of the cold air, but it also felt really good to run my hardest.  I felt very accomplished after even though I didn't do anymore after the first one, instead I ran easy for another 15 minutes.  
     With my push-ups, now that I'm progressing to week 3, the amount of push-ups is kinda scary to me.  Well, what really scares me is the thought that I won't be able to complete the whole workout as written.  I consider skipping them and doing them the next day instead, but I know if I do that eventually I will stop doing them all together.  So far I have stuck to my M,W, F schedule and as you can see by my max test results it's been working.  If I can't complete one of the weeks as rx'ed, I can just stay on that week until I improve and then progress to the next one.  I just have to stop working myself up with thoughts of not being able to complete my workouts the way I want.  The only thing I can do is give my all and stick with it.


Julie said...

Oh boy, that Harvest Punch looks pretty darn good:) Fufu drinks...I love them!

The push up thing is going to take a little time. Don't get frustrated you will eventually improve and get stronger! In the spring I did a push up challenge. When I started I think I could only do 7 or 8. After the six weeks were up I was doing 50:) Good luck and keep at it!

Melissa Cunningham said...

just stick with the POA chica! even when you get nervous about those hard workouts,push through the anxiety-dont think about it,just do it.
you will be a stronger, faster athlete in no time!!!

Mae Flowers said...

I love that restaurants are starting to put their nutritional information on the menus. The only place I've seen it here in the midwest is at Panera and I LOVE it!

Black Knight said...

I never saw a restaurant with nutritional information, but that is good.
Like you I had anxiety before the repeats....well i would like to have that anxiety, it would mean that I do the repeats again!!!

Big Daddy Diesel said...

I was your Birthday, its ok to let loose and have fun

I hear you on the hard workouts, I dont get anxiety, I get "ugh, this is gonna suck" mentality and usually they do BUT it pays dividends on race day

screwdestiny said...

I'm totally a sucker for super sweet mixed drinks as well. But great job on increasing your push-ups. That's wonderful progress so far!

Katie said...

Julie~ It was good! I will be ecstatic if I can do 50 lol, I'll be happy with 40 even. I like having a plan for push-ups bc then I'm more likely to do them, even if they give me anxiety.

Mel~I know I do feel great after I get it done, even if I don't perform to the exact level I want, It's still helping me improve :)

BK~ you make me smile :D You are still running great!

BDD~ True, although I extended it a bit past my b-day (guilty face.) I can't wait to see how my workouts have paid off on T-giving.

Screwdestiny~ Thanks, making progress with push-ups is a really good feeling :)

Katie said...

Mae~ Mmm Panera is great, but it can be deceiving how many calories are in there meals so it is def. nice to see it on the menu.