Monday, November 22, 2010

Race Scheduling Thoughts

~ Today is 2 months of blogging :D  I truly believe I've accomplished somethings I otherwise would not have if I hadn't started this little bloggy.  Furthermore I've been inspired to pursue some other goals that I hadn't considered in the past, but are now taking up a good amount of my thought stream.

~ Things like should I train for a 1/2 marathon, a full, do I want to  work towards an ironman or maybe a 70.3??  I'm taking it slow for now and  enjoying my 5k racing and training, because I like doing short, fast interval workouts and improving my speed.  Maybe I will throw in a 10k?  Since my last planned race is on Thursday, I've started looking for some races to compete in over the next few months.  It is going to be cold, but I don't want that to stop me from racing until it gets warm again.

~ I've found 4- 5ks that I definitely want to participate in, actually it is a winter run series.  For the month of January they have  a 5k race every Sunday at a different Long Island NY State park .  They have a summer run series as well, which I did one year and it was great, the one thing i'm nervous about with these races is the cold!  I still need to find a race for December, possibly my 10k.  I am also thinking about the LI Half Marathon (or maybe, but probably not the full marathon) on May1st.  We shall see...

~ I'm feeling great about Thursday's race.  I got in a good interval/pacing workout on Saturday and yesterday I ran 4 miles at 7:30 pace with the last mile being around 6:50.  I've felt very strong, comfortable and confident at 6:50 pace and I am ready to rock it.  Plus I got my new headphones yesterday and they are awesome :D   I went for the in-ear ones this time bc while the iPod ones don't fit in my ears right, these skull candy ones come w/ 3 different sizes and are made w/ flexible rubber.  I tried them today on my short leg stretching run, perfect!
Love the color!

~ Possible earlier triathlon (my current planned one is at the very end of August)- Great South Bay Sprint Triathlon, on June 5th.  Actually I just found this whole calendar of Long Island Triathlon events that are all a possibility.  This 70.3 at the beginning of October, in Montauk (love it there!), looks very promising :)  And I am definitely liking this Duathlon in May to prepare for my first tri.  It is a run-bike-run (1.8-10.5-1.8) and it is 5 minutes from my house. I am really looking forward to the coming spring/summer, I have BIG plans!!


Melissa Cunningham said...

LOVE your plans!!!!
they sound a lot like mine!
im wanting to do a triathlon in the late spring and then another half in may....
oh and lots of 5ks between xmas and march!
sounds like your pace is really improving for the 5k!
im sure you will do great this thursday!!!!!
no doubts you will break 22!

Raymond said...

Great it sounds like you have it planned out.
Glad to see you like running, I started running regularly 5 years ago and it's been fun all the way …. I love sprinting so I prefer shorter events like 3 or 5k but I add in 21k every now and then and always run a 15k on Sat & Sun.

I love reading blogs and yeah blogging is fun, some people get too carried away with trying to make money and lose site a bit but overall it's a place where I learn a lot.


Jess @ Blonde Ponytail said...

Happy 2 month anni!! Your mile pace is outstanding! Inspires me!

Molly said...

those races sound fun, I'm from Long Island too, I grew up near Oyster Bay!

Katie said...

Mel~ Yay for racing :D

Raymond~ I've been running since HS, but I kinda lost my passion for a few yrs. It is back with avengeance now though!

Jess~ Thank you, your mileage inspires me!

Molly~ Awesome, the Triathlon I'm doing in August is the Town of Oyster Bay Tri and I work at TOBay beach, but I live very east of there :)

Keri said...

I say try it all and see what you like :) 70.3 would be amazing!

Big Daddy Diesel said...

I like the schedule, are you considering a 70.3 this year?

Katie said...

I'm thinking about the 70.3 for October '11, so I've got almost a year. I'm gonna do a few sprints and see how they go, but I am leaning towards yes! on the half-iron :D