Monday, November 29, 2010

Fitness Goals Progress 11/29

Here is a little update on the things I've been working on:

My progression in just over a month (before Oct. 17th the last 5k I had done was on 7/5/09 in 22:18):

Oct 17th~ 23:19 (Hills)
Oct  31st~ 22:26
Nov 25th~ 21:52

     A minute and a half improvement in just over a month, but as noted the first race had a few more hills than the last two.
The most recent race is not a lifetime PR, but I ran on either H.S. or College XC teams up until 11/07, so I consider this a PR outside of running for a team.   There is obviously a big difference between training on your own and training with a team and a coach at a scheduled practice everyday (sometimes twice a day).  

   With that said I am still aiming to get a lifetime PR while training on my own.  My fastest times in XC were just below 21 minutes, this was on very hilly trail courses so it would have been faster on the roads.  The race/time that I still consider my best is running 20:53 on what was/is considered New York's Toughest XC Course, during the Suffolk County Championships my junior year of H.S.   I've always assumed that would be sub-20 in a road race. 

     I really, REALLY want to go sub-20 on the roads in 2011.   I absolutely think I can get in better shape this year than I ever have.  I am already incorporating more resistance training than I have in the past, I could barely do 1 push-up through out H.S./ College.  I think getting stronger is going to be a big help in getting faster while feeling more effortless (by that I mean I will feel able to hold a fast pace for longer without feeling like I am all out sprinting.)  Plus all my incline training :D
    I'm not sure of my next race yet, I might train through December and then do the Winter run series during the 4 Sundays in January(not looking forward to racing in even colder temps though :/)

  I didn't do my push-ups this week, I finished week 3 on 11/20.  Then during my little race attire photo shoot/ dance party on Tuesday I decided to record my push-ups with my computer camera to check out my form.  I was not happy with my first set.  I was not getting low enough at all, my mid section was moving way to much, and my head was not aligned with my body.   I taped a few more sets to see if I could get my form looking the way I want it to.  The last set I think is pretty decent, here is a video of the first set, middle set and last set:

     Obviously when I am doing them with better form and getting lower I can't do as many.  I am going to re-do week 3, starting with day 1 later today.  I am concentrating 100% on form so I will do the best I can to reach the given number of reps, but if I have to do W3 again next week, so be it.  I would rather do 15 beautiful push-ups than 50 half-assed ones :)  I'd also like to be able to do push-ups with my elbows tucked in, baby steps, i'll get there.

   It's hard to track what I have been doing to reach my goal of one pull-up, I should probably make up some kind of plan.  My current routine is just kinda hopping on the pull-up bar whenever I feel like it.  I have definitely made improvement, I can do a pull-up with a little hop and no bands.  Yet I still feel so far from a dead hang pull-up.  I can do more reps with the band and I can hang for longer than when I started.  I also take the resistance band out to my garage pull-up bar because then I can lower myself all the way without touching the floor.  I should probably do my pull-ups out there more since I will get the full-range of motion.  

Fitness related goal~
     One of my goals when starting this blog was to get certified in personal training, I've researched some certifications and I think I am going to go with ACE for now.  Matt's best friend works at a nearby gym and he said that they are definitely looking for trainers and would hire me if I got certified.  Sooo I gotta get on the ball and do it already!  I'm going to look right now online to see if I can get the instructional manuals for cheaper then they cost on the ACE site.  I'm sure someone is selling their used manuals somewhere!

Note: I reallllyyyyy wish I could say that I got my road bike and have started learning to ride it and training on it.  Unfortunately I've gone back and forth on what I want, what I should get and how much to spend.    Since I'm leaning towards a the $600-$800  bikes it is going to have to be a Christmas present, along with the indoor trainer.  I am very anxiously awaiting getting started on the bike,  if I start working at that gym I can take free spin classes as well :D


Jess @ Blonde Ponytail said...

You are a SPEED demon! Sub 20 is all you!!!

Melissa Cunningham said...

you can so reach and EXCEED your goals!!!!
i think its great we have common race goals!!!
good to know we can motivate eachother and push eachother to stay on track!

i also think its great uou are working on PT certification. you will be able to inspire so many others!!!

Keri said...

Yes! You can get that sub-20...That was a huge goal of mine and felt so great when I finally did it!! You are so can get there!

Jeff - DangleTheCarrot said...

Sub-20 hurts. It is a good pain but still hurts. And once you get below 21 the gains are slow. Took me a year to go from 20:45 to 19:43 but it is a darn cool goal to have and if you keep working you'll get it!

Hey what trainers are you looking at? Fluid or mag? I'd recommend either the Cyclops Fluid 2 or Kurt Kinetic Fluid. Both are excellent and some good deals are available online and at places like REI and Performance Bikes. The fluid trainer is much more quiet than the magnetic if that is a concern.

Good luck with the bike purchase!

Matty O said...

My wife and I have Trek 1.2 bikes. Cheap price tag and decent components. Definitely worth looking into. We both love them!

Big Daddy Diesel said...

Nice work!!

Did you get my email about bikes? I didnt get a reply, just wondering

Julie said...

You will totally run a sub 20 5K!! I have faith in you:) Nice job on the push-ups!