Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Assisted Pull-up and Chin-up Sets

 Here is a video of my pull-up/chin-ups from today, i'm using a jump stretch band for assistance.  My goal is to get at least one good pull-up, but I think I'll aim for one good chin-up first.


JJ said...

Katie: What are your goals? Better upper body strength? More aerobic fitness? Weight control? Just interested, as a lifelong fitness guy.

Keri said...

Wow! I don't even think I could get up there once. Love the blog...I'm glad you found me because now I found your blog! I am studying to take the personal trainer test and hope to be certified soon.

Abby said...

Nice job!! I'm glad the bands are helping you. They definitely helped me.

I'm like you, I am just amazed at the women who run sooo fast for sooo long! Good luck with your up coming race, you are pretty speedy yourself!

Black Knight said...

Good job! You are lucky, my wife doesn't want that I use gym items at home. Are you going for a 5k on nov. 25th? You will do great, I am sure. Hi from Italy.

Katie said...

JJ~ Mainly I'm aiming for all around fitness, to quote Daft Punk "harder, better, faster, stronger" :D I have about 5 vanity lbs I'd like to lose, but mostly I just want to kick ass and look good doing it ;)

Keri~ Try using resistance bands they really help, also this is a good technique if you are training someone who's working towards performing pull-ups. I need to pick a certification and start studying as well.

Abby~ Thank you! I am really loving the bands :)

Black Knight~ Thank you, I think Matt prefers that I workout at home instead of going to a gym lol. Yeaaa 5k on Thanksgiving, I can't wait!