Wednesday, October 13, 2010

"Your dreams are more than worth defending"

That was a quote from one of the songs on my run today, which was an hour long!  I haven't run for an hour in over a year, it felt great :D  It's another gorgeous fall day so I ran to the park, explored for 40 minutes and got my head straightened out.  Suffice to say I am feeling majorly de-funked today.  I'm planning to do some good resistance training in a bit.

I found a new motivational (goal) picture:

I know Daisy Dukes Jessica Simpson is kinda cliche, but there is an obvious reason for it, she looks smoking hot!!  She had the perfect amount of muscle tone, you can see it but it is not over done.  I think this is a do-able goal for me since we are approx. the same height/shape (ie: I wouldn't aim to look like a 6 ft supermodel) and she does not look too thin just really fit!  I don't quite have her chest but if I can achieve the rest of this look I don't even care ;)

My next bikini body move is going to be squats I believe, b/c that is an essential exercise to getting Jessica's Daisy Duke booty!
Updated stats tomorrow. . .

Edited to add: I wrote this post before I read another blog with a similar idea today.  Her post asked us to find a picture of your inspiration and then link up with it.   Sooo. . . here is the post and now I can link up :)

Also I posted these pics in my very first post, they are pictures of myself at a time when I felt that I was in good shape/at a good weight and they are also part of my inspiration.  Although at this point I  think know I can surpass that and get a bit more muscle tone by bikini time :D


shortmama said...

Id kill for her belly! Thanks for linking up!

screwdestiny said...

Maybe that's why I've never looked at her for inspiration...because I'm like, 5'10" have a completely different body than hers, so it would be pointless to say, "I want to look like that."

Good luck getting that look!

Cathy Kennedy said...

I'm 5'2" and know what it's like to maintain a good weight. At 48 years of age, the fight gets tougher, so ladies, keep on your mark while you're young. Be the best you can be no matter what your age is. Katie, you look great! Keep up the hard work. =D