Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Workouts for 10/5 & 10/6

Tuesday's Workout:
I've been so into my interval workouts that I've kinda neglected longer runs.  I realized that since I am running a 5k in two weeks I should at least run a few 3-4 milers.  Yesterday I ran on the treadmill and I always have trouble running any kind of distance on it because I don't pace myself well.  I will think a certain pace feels too easy and I want to push myself more, than I end up running at a speed that I can't hold and tire myself out quickly.

Sooo I made myself run the first mile at 9:00-9:30 pace, which did feel very easy. As soon as mile #2 started I bumped it up to around 8:30 and increasing to 8:00 by the end of the mile .  At this point I was getting a little tired not having run much distance lately but I held 8:00 pace sometimes pushing it under  and even under 7:30.  I was really dying at the end but I kicked the last 1/10th of a mile in at 6:50ish pace, if only to get to 3 miles sooner  :)  My total time ended up being 25:30 but I that includes the first minute when I was walking to warm-up and gradually increased to a run.  All in all not bad but it did feel harder near the end then I would have liked.  Negative splits make me happy though :D

At night did a few planks, some push-ups, played around with a light (5lbs lol) kettlebell my bro got me for christmas (I think i'm going to purchase some heavier ones soon).

Wednesday's Workout:

Today I decided to take a little pressure off myself, since I get so caught up in the #'s on the treadmill.  It was absolutely gorgeous out today, perfect fall weather, which always reminds me of H.S./ college XC.  So I took to the street and ran outside with no set distance, I just planned to run for 30-ish minutes.  I ran 10 mins. to a nearby state park, 10 mins. in the park and 10 mins. back.  It was such a peaceful, stress reducing run, it has been raining a lot the past week so today was a very nice change.

When I got back I threw in 10 mins. of jump roping, not consecutive though, i'm working my way up jump roping is hard!  Going to do some bodyweight exercises later on.

Getting a decent jump rope shot is hard, especially with no photographer :p 

Weigh-in and measurements tomorrow plus progress pictures, I think it's going to be a good weigh-in :D

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