Monday, October 25, 2010

Pomegranates, Kettlebells, and Races! Oh, My!

Some blog related things from my weekend:

     ~ My grocery store got Pomegranates in!  I LOVE Pomegranates and they are super healthy for you :D  The calorie count varies depending on size/amount of seeds but is usually between 100-200 for the whole thing (which is very filling amount).  It is also packed with dietary fiber (11g) and of course, antioxidants.   The grocery stores near my have been carrying them for the past few years during the winter season and I am very happy for their return!  Trader Joe's Frozen Pomegranate seeds just don't compare :/  Here is a how-to on eating pomegranates, it can be very messy if you do it the wrong way.

     ~ I bought a 15 lb Kettlebell yesterday.  I contemplated getting a 20 lb bell and decided to start small and work my way up.  When I got home and tried it out a bit I was very happy that I stuck with the 15 lb one.  I definitely need to gain strength in my arms, right now they are pretty weak.  That's why I'm very excited about using the Kettlebell, I think it will definitely help me develop more arm strengh :)  Later on today I am going to do a post on a tabata workout using the Kettlebell swing, after I complete it myself :D

    ~ I've decide on the next 2 5Ks I am going to participate in.  The First is on Halloween morning and you are encouraged to run in costume.  I have already come up with a costume that shouldn't restrict my running movement.  It's nothing crazy, I'm focusing more on running fast than having the best costume (there's actually awards for best costume!) I'll post pictures of my race attire afterwards, for now it's a secret :)  They also have a Kids' Monster Mash Dash after the 5K and my son is going to run in it :D  Hopefully racing on Halloween morning will inspire me to keep my hand out of the candy bag later in the day. 

~ The Second race I've decided on is a Thanksgiving morning Turkey Trot.  This means no Thanksgiving Eve partying for me!  I went out last year on  T-Giving Eve and only realized this morning that if I want to try for a good time in this race I would have to sacrifice going out this year.  I'm a bit sad about this, but I'm happy that I am making the healthy, smart decision which will assist me in fulfilling my goals.  And as with the Halloween run, I believe racing in the morning will help me make healthier choices on Thanksgiving day.  I have found that hard workouts or races sway me from putting garbage in my mouth, if I put the effort in to bust my ass I want to fuel myself properly as well.

*Lastly don't forget to enter my $10 iTunes Card Giveaway!  I want to hear what songs you all workout to!!  Everyone has had great responses, I workout to many of the songs mentioned in the comments thus far.  Plus I am discovering some awesome new ones, keep'em coming :)*


screwdestiny said...

So I think it is just awesome that you are doing races on Halloween and Thanksgiving--two days that are generally terrible for healthy eating! It shows you're really dedicated to your health. Looks like you're teaching your son well also with him doing the kid's race. Oh, and please let us know how you like working out with a kettlebell and what kind of results it gives you. It's something I've been thinking about doing for a while, but I have no idea how to work out with one and just haven't bothered buying any yet.

Crystal said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog!! The first thing I read when I cam over here was some love for pomegranates. I've decided to stay!! LOL. I love pomegranates. I am on a quest to teach all of my friends how to eat them so they can share in the love. :)

Also, I love the name of your blog. Thanks for visiting and I'm looking forward to reading your entries. :D

Melissa Cunningham said...

awesome way to plan the 5k's!!! i am also doing a thanksgiving day race as well as one here in the the first week of novemeber!!

looking forward to seeing what you think of the kettle ball workouts!

Danny said...

i think i need to learn how to eat a pomegranate, always ends up messy. Well done for entering the 5k's, i am also planning on buying a kettle bell after hearing so many good things about them, so be good to hear what you think.

Katie said...

I kept putting off buying one because they are a bit pricey, but then I decided I was just going to go for it. I found a 25% off sports authority coupon so it wasn't too costly and I love it already, definitely worth it! I will keep everyone updated with my progress :)

Crystal~ Pomegranates Rock!

LambAround said...

Thanks for the pomegranate how-to. I've always heard how tasty they are, but every time I try one, they just seem crunch and annoying to eat!

Raymond said...

My favourite author Oscar Wilde speaks of Pomegranates all the time but I never really liked them but after what you wrote I might give them a try again.
I haven't tried kettle bells yet either but everyone I know are loving them.