Sunday, October 17, 2010

Race Report :D

 This morning I ran the "Stony Brook Hospital 22nd Annual Run For Children 5k" and as my first race since July 2009, it was a great success!   I'm really glad that I've started this blog and posted a few times about running this race because if I didn't have that accountability I might not have dragged myself out of bed this morning.  I had major anxiety about it yesterday and this morning and had thought about just skipping it; but if i'm going to compete kick-ass in a tri-athalon this summer, I have to start taking action now.

The weather was AMAZING,  around 60 degrees and sunny, and the course was a hilly loop through beautiful tree-lined streets.  My finishing time was. . . 23:19, which is just about 7:30 pace :)  In this post, I had mentioned wanting to get under 23 min., but I am very happy with my time especially since it was on a decently hilly course.  From mile 2 to about 2 3/4 the race was all uphill, and being that it was the end of race and I was dead, it was rough.  I'm proud to say that I kept a pretty steady pace, I went out in a 7:10 first mile and then kept it around 7:40 for the last 2 miles.  Often times I go out way to fast, run a 6 min first mile and then die out and finish with 8 min miles.  I felt very relaxed through the 1st mile, then started to feel it in my gut halfway through the 2nd mile especially on the uphills.  I kinda felt like I was going to get sick throughout the 2nd half of the race but I hung in there, kicked it in hard and it paid off. . .

3rd in my division/ 6th female out of 201/ 28th overall out of 358

That is totally the cutest medal I have ever won :)

And they had pumpkin painting for the kids:

I'm already looking for another road race to do within the next month.  I'd like to at least run under 23 min, but really I want to break 22:30.  Actually if it's a flat course I think I could go sub 22 :D

Clock Time23:19.0
Overall Place28 / 358
Gender Place6 / 201
Division Place3 / 24
Age Grade63.5%
Full Results Here


screwdestiny said...

You rocked it! Good job!

Hope Ford said...

Hey There!! I'm a new follower from the hop and I am sooo excited about your blog!! I'm also on a mission to be bathing suit ready by next summer - lol I dont even care if it's a bikini!! :) Cant wait to keep reading!


Shelley said...

I am following over from the blog hop. I hope you can stop by my blog and check it out. Cute blog and can't wait to read more.
God Bless,

K said...

New follower. Looking forward to hearing more from you!

~Dawn~ said...

You are awesome. Good for you to have the motivation to run. I am not a runner, but told my husband the other day that I want to run a 5K so bad...just to say I did. Reading your post today, inspired me even more. THANK YOU!

Dawn @ Mom-a-Logues

The Survival Mama said...

Wow! Nice work!! Congrats!

I'll probably not be running with you...but I'll have a good time reading and cheering you on!!

Swinging over from the blog hop...excited to follow your adventures.

The Survival Mama

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I'm a new follower from FMBT ...your blog is lovely...hope you can stop by and follow back at


Katie said...

Thank You all for following and for your kind words!