Tuesday, October 5, 2010

An Inspirational Blog on Breast Cancer Survival

While visiting Fitness Black Book today (if you haven't been to it you should, it is a wealth of fitness information) I read Rusty's newest post which really touched me.  In the post he shares his friend's blog about surviving breast cancer and asks, 
"If you can spread the word about her site, that would be great. Her goal is to give people hope, even when circumstances don't look so great."
 So here is the Blog: Bald, Fat and Crazy, a story of surviving breast cancer while pregnant. It is such an inspirational and beautifully written blog, I hope you all visit and spread the word too.

On that note: I have decided on a 5k that I am going to run on October 17th, SB's 22nd Annual Run for Children.  It is held by Stony Brook hospital to benefit their amazing Child Life program.  This is a very personal cause for me since I've had someone very close to me benefit from this program.  Sadly, she is no longer with us, but this program helped to make the time she had very special. 

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