Monday, October 4, 2010

Deja Vu

It's Monday morning  and once again I am feeling not so great about the past few days.  I mean I saw it coming. . . I had my dads retirement party at a fancy Italian restaurant on Saturday and my niece's christening yesterday.  Both events had an endless supply of food and of course alcohol.  I've spent the last two days drinking glass after glass of pinot grigio.  Blahh.

I did however manage to run stairs on Sunday morning for 25 min.  I had been talking about running a 5k on Saturday but ended up not have the time with my dad's party (the race was hosted by Entemans though so maybe it was a good thing I couldn't make it).   I'm going to look into what other nearby races are going on in October, I definitely need to get one in, as part of my tri-athalon training is to run some races and improve my 5k time.

Once again I am feeling bloated and lacking motivation on this dreary Monday.  I'm rushing to get ready for work, so I I'll leave all the women with this little piece of motivation for today:

Super Hot Spanish Soccer (Futball) Player David Villa :D

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Memphis Steve said...

You did better than me this past weekend. Friday night I stopped at an Italian restaurant for supper and had chicken fettuccine alfredo, which I later discovered has a calorie-count in the neighborhood of 1400! I didn't get to the gym until Monday and I'm relatively certain my workout didn't burn 1400 calories. Argh!