Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Bikini Body Move #4- Tricep Dips

One of my big, big problem areas is the back of my arms aka my triceps.  I guess I have never really paid enough attention to them, I blame it on out of sight, out of mind :D But then i'll see a picture of my back or catch a glimpse of my backside in a double mirror and realize I need to put some major work into that area.  Half of the problem is I need to lose fat from my arms, I tend to store extra weight there.  When I was pregnant and gained 50lbs, my arms were huge, in most of my pregnancy pics they make me look even larger than I actually was. 

Aside from losing body fat though, I also need to work on building some muscle in my arms. They are too weak for my liking and have very little tone :/   The bodyweight move I use the most for my arms is  the ever popular push-up which is one of the best exercises ever buttt. . . they don't target my triceps enough.  You can modify the push-up to work your triceps more by narrowing your arm stance and/or you can do tricep dips which I'm going to talk about and demonstrate here.

First here's my video which demonstrates dips with feet on the floor and then dips with feet supported by a chair:

Song~ Club Can't Handle Me by Flo Rida w/ David Guetta (Kinda cheesy, but I Love It!)

You can modify these in numerous ways to make the easier/harder.  In my first example I had my legs straight out with no bend.  If you want to make them easier you can bring your feet closer in with a bend at the knee.  You can make them harder by putting your feet up on a chair as I did in my second example.  If you want even more challenging you can support your feet with a stability ball.
Tip: In researching I learned that you should  keep your back close to the chair throughout the movement.

Try for 3 sets of 10-12 a few times a week, if it starts getting easy move up to a more challenging variation.  If you know of other effective tricep moves I'd love to here about them!

You can see the first three bikini body moves here:
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Mary said...

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screwdestiny said...

Definitely a good move for targeting the triceps. One that I like even better is tricep push-ups. It's where you lie on one side, take the arm that's against the floor and wrap it around your waist, and then take the arm on top of you and use it to push against the floor to raise your body up. It's an awesome exercise that you'll feel really quick. Good luck with getting sexy arms! :)

Thomas S. Moore said...

Dips are great for the tricep area. The good thing for women is that it will help build a nice toned muscle without too much size. Not that most women have to worry about getting large arms any way.

The one mistake I see a lot of women make is thinking that doing this or any other arm exercise is going to help get rid of the fat. There are not fat exercises! Diet is key in losing arm fat. Great post and video.

-Thomas - Waist Hips and Thighs

Liz said...

Triceps have always been one of my problem areas, such a pain!
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Miriam said...

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Srdjan said...

Tricep dips used to be my go to exercise for triceps (I would even do them weighted).

Then I was told that the exercise places excessive stress on my shoulders so I stopped using them.

I've since switched to other bodyweight tricep exercises such as diamond pushups and regular dips.

Has anyone had any issues with this exercise?

Srdjan P - Benefits of Skipping Rope

Jay Jay said...

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