Monday, October 25, 2010

4 Minute Tabata Kettlebell Swing Workout

First off I'm going to explain the basics for this exercise:

The Tabata Protocol:  20 second exercise intervals with 10 second rest done 8 times for a total of  4 minutes.  Some exercises that work well: sprinting, push-ups, jumping lunges, burpees, squats, kettlebell swings, mountain climbers and jump roping.  You should be going all out for each 20 second interval in order to get the maximum benefits.  Although 4 minutes does not sound like much, by the end of this workout you will definitely feel it!  If you're really ambitious you can pick a few exercises and string together an 8, 12, 16 min. workout.

Kettlebell Swings:  I've seen/ heard of Kettlebell swings before but I wasn't entirely sure of the proper motion and technique so I youtube'd it.  Here is the video I used to learn the movement:

I like how she started by demonstrating the movement without the Kettlebell first and showed some common mistakes.

 With that said, put the two together and you have: Tabata Kettlebell Swings :D

Here  is a great (free) online timer you can use for any Tabata workout and if you google search you can find Tabata timer apps for your phone :)

I did this workout for the first time today (w/ my new kettlebell :D) and it whipped my booty.  Watch out for that 7th interval, it's a doozy :P   Realistically I should have practiced the movement  a bit more before jumping into this workout, but I was veryyy eager to try it!  I didn't go as fast as I could because I was concentrating on performing the move properly.  I'll be working on my swing form before attempting this workout again and I'll definitely be adding more tabata stuff into my workout routine. Who can't spare/suffer through another four minutes?

Stay tuned for my video once I become more proficient :)


Call me Ishmael said...

Tabata rocks! I learned about it first from Steve over at Log My Loss. It's a great quick workout. i usually favor squats, but also am trying to do tabata push ups as well. Not quite ready for kettleballs, i think, but your enthusiasm is making me wonder if I shouldn't give it a try!

Julie said...

I have heard great things about kettlebell workouts! I think it would be a great way for me to crosstrain in the winter:)

Katie said...

I've only had it for two days and I love it! I definitely recommend it to both of you and to anyone else who is interested but not sure about them.

Craig - Hollywood Body Fitness said...

This workout is no joke! KB swings alone are tough, and thrown into a Tabata protocol are an amazing workout. Although I have a very strong love/hate relationship with KB swings (I hate doing em, but love how effective they are) this workout is a butt-kicker! I did a similar workout today with KB Swings in fact. I like how the video chick emphasizes driving your power through the heels and hips. People see this and think it's a shoulder-movement, but really it's going to stress your legs and butt.