Sunday, September 26, 2010

Weekend Recap

Sooo I got slightly off track over the weekend, which seems to be a big problem for many people.  You work hard all week and then sabotage it over the weekend :/.  I actually didn't eat too much, I really only had one meal on Saturday and one on Sunday.  It just wasn't the healthiest food and it was BIG portions.  The real problem was I drank. a lot.  Possibly too much? . . .

On Saturday one of my best friends from college came to town and we went shopping during the day. Afterwards we went to California Pizza Kitchen (my absolute favorite restaurant!).  CPK does have some very healthy choices and I love how they put avocado on almost everything :D.  We ordered Avocado egg rolls (not so healthy, which our waiter pointed out when he told us that they were his favorite, butttt not so good for you.  Unfortunately, they are my favorite too :-)  and their AMAZING guacamole.  This would not be so bad, but I also ordered a Aussie Splash, which is basically a very sugary ie: caloric, sangria type drink .  After that we got two more orders from their small cravings menu (great for dieters and all delicious!).  We got the chicken quesadilla and the steak tacos but were pretty much full at this point and brought most of it home for hubs.

The rest of the night consisted of. . . more drinking.  We bar hopped in a nearby town anddd had a great time :).  On a positive note we walked approximately 2 miles in 5-inch  heels (work those calves!) plus dancing :D.

Sunday consisted of me recovering from my hangover.  In my hungover state I caved in when hubs suggested Taco Bell on the way home from Target.  So so bad I know but gahhh it is soo good sometimes!  Then at night drinking again, this time Skinnygirl Margarita. It sounds semi- healthy, but is pretty much still a sugar-laden( albeit with natural agave nectar), calorie-laden drink.  One serving is listed as 35 cals but a serving is 1.5 ounces! You can multiply that calorie count by 10+ for me :?

Positives for the day: we went on an glorious family bike ride and . . . that's all i got .

Goal for next weekend: Don't drink so much!

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