Wednesday, September 22, 2010

More goals. . .

Aside from the goals I stated in my previous post which were, getting down to around 116 lbs and looking like this in a bikini again, I have some more "serious" fitness goals I am working on. . .

1) Complete my first triathalon ~ I have already picked the one I plan on doing, some of my co-workers have competed in it the past few years.  It's a sprint tri (.5m swim, 10k bike, 5k run)  The date is at the end of August so I have more than enough time to train.  Also I don't want to just finish it, I want to rock it!

2) Look into personal training certification ~ I am very passionate about fitness and staying in shape. I will probably write a future post on this but I have lost 50lbs twice in my life (once at age 13 and then after I had my son at 21).  Both times I went from around 170 down to the 120's.  I would like to specialize in helping kids and mothers get fit based on my experiences. Part of my reason for this blog is to explore and document my personal fitness philosophy.

3) Stop using the scale  every. single. day. ~ In order to help others, I need to have a healthier attitude towards my body.  I think the scale is a decent way to monitor progress and keep on top of your weight slowly creeping higher and higher.  That said, once maybe twice a week is sufficient.  The biggest problem with my daily weigh-ins (usually more then once a day) is it affects my mood to much.  I get depressed when I see a bigger number even if it's after a big meal :/.   On here I am going to aim for weekly weigh-ins, possibly starting tomorrow?  I will have to hide the scale in between :-o.
Anddd although I have a weight goal, it is flexible, I am plan on basing it more on how I look and how I feel.

ehhh, that's enough goals for now.

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