Monday, September 27, 2010

Monday's Workout

After getting in my workout today I really did feel 100% better, it is amazing what a hard workout can do for your mood :).

Today I did my 2nd favorite workout (after running stairs): 12% incline intervals on the treadmill.  So for the first 15 mins I set the treadmill at 12% incline and alternated between walking at 3mph and running at 6.2-6.4 mph.  My running interval is usually 1 min long, sometimes I tough it out for a few more seconds but it is hard!  Then I walk for a 1min - 1.5 min, often timing my next running interval to an upbeat part of the song i'm listening to.  So I got in 5 ~1 min running intervals and then near the end of the 15 minutes I decided to throw in one last run at 7mph which I held for 30 seconds.

After that last interval I brought the treadmill back down to 1% incline and ran at 6 mph for 5 mins. which is cake after running at 12% even though I am spent by this point.  I was going to stop here but a great song came on my shuffle (Fallout Boy ~ Hum Hallelujah Infinity on High) so I brought it up to 7.5-8 mph and did 5 more min. (never underestimate the power of music.)

I am glad I did those last 5 minutes because I am thinking about running a 5k on Saturday.  I wanted to see how 7:30 pace felt, especially after I had already exhausted myself.  It wasn't easy, I had to tough it out, but I did it!

Total workout time: 25 mins. and I was dripping by the end :D

I am also going to do some bodyweight stuff tonight while i watch TV.  I have to get back into the routine of doing this every night.  The times that I have made planks/ push-ups (and whatever else I decide to throw in) a nightly routine also happen to be the times that I've been in the best shape and at the  lower side of my weight range.

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jovana said...

You got so much accomplished in 25min! That's a really good workout, simple, but a good way to break sweat.