Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Missing the Summer Already

It is still pretty warm around here and even more so in the south, but summer is officially over.  I am off duty from the beach until memorial day and not all that excited about it :(.

This video my co-worker put together makes me miss my summer job even more.  The good thing about this video is that it will keep me motivated all year anticipating my amazing and super confident summer '11.  If I get off track during the winter doldrums I will watch this and visualize myself kicking ass on the beach in my bikini.

It also showcases many of the awesome workouts you can get in while you're at the beach and they don't even feel like work!   Boogie Boarding, Surfing, Body Surfing, Paddling, Kayking, Rowing, Stand-Up Paddle Board, Swimming, Sand Runs,  Competitive Rescues (you might look silly if your not a lifeguard but they are a great workout :), Scuba Diving. . .

Ohhh and the guy who looks (but isn't really) naked throughout the video is my brother :D

T- minus 9-ish months till next summer :D


Raymond said...

Cool video I love anything to do with the water. We live next to the beach and I try to get down there every morning.
You might not want to hear this but living on the opposite of the world we are coming into summer so that really make me happy, the winter blues is disappearing!
Also it means time to start changing my type of workout to get leaner for the beach

Katie said...

I forgot that the whole southern hemisphere was coming into summer, I'm super jealous. Where do you live? I'm thinking of living my life like in "endless summer" and chasing the summer around the world :D