Wednesday, September 22, 2010


ETA: Those coming upon this post now, goals change, I now think I can look even better by summer.  Summer '11 Bring It On!

Background and other details to follow but first. . .

                                           (please excuse the mess :D)

I want to start with this.  These pics are me in the beginning of Summer '09, when I weighed around 116-118 (@ 5'4").   This is my goal for Summer  '11,  although if I can get in even better shape I'd be happy :)  I am currently 126ish, so only 8-10 lbs to lose, don't want to go under 115 cause then I look too skinny.  Realistically  I am trying to focus on getting tighter and fitter  and hopefully not on the numbers so much.

Also there are some backside pics but they show a little more then I am comfortable showing for now ;)

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Chad said...

I take my bikini pics in the kids room, too. It adds a necessary bit of levity. Hehe.