Monday, September 27, 2010

Getting Back On Track

 Okay so you've had a bad weekend, two days of unhealthy habits are not going to destroy your progress, the important thing is to get right back on the wagon come Monday.  For some people once they slip up they think all is lost and cave into old habits.  This is not the case though, in the words of Dory, "just keep swimmimg" and you will continue to get results.

In my previous post I detailed my less than stellar weekend, I woke up this morning feeling not so great but I am determined to start my week on a good note.

First lets put a positive spin on the weekend, I realized this morning how awful I felt after two days of drinking and not getting my usual workouts in.  I felt lethargic, no energy, bloated, soft and my stomach hurt. . . not at all how I want to go about my day.  I have been slow to get started today but I cannot wait to get my workout in and re-energize myself.

How I felt after a rough weekend . . . not  good : /

Here are some tips on getting your motivation back:

1) Sign-up for a race:  There are road races going on around the country every weekend, at this site you can search for one near you. Signing up provides you with accountability to stick with your work-outs. If you are a beginner start with a 5k and just aim to finish it, if you are more experienced try training for a longer race or setting a time goal.  Even if you are not a runner you can participate, most races allow walkers too!

I am planning on running a 5k this coming Saturday, it will keep me motivated all week and be a great start to my weekend.  I haven't ran a race in over a year but I've been doing lots of interval work and am aiming for under 23 mins.

2) Plan/schedule a night out:  I always want to look my best when I have a big event coming up as do most people :)  Plan a night a few weeks away to go out dancing with your friends/ boyfriend/ husband etc.  Also find a knock out oufit you're going to wear since you are gonna look hot!

3) Just do it!: The most motivating thing for me is finishing an intense workout.  Sure I feel exhausted but I also feel accomplished and proud.  These feelings help push me too keep working hard even when I am not in the mood.  Just remember that you are going to feel so much better if you get that workout in!


Connie W said...

I've been thinking about finding a 5K for the end of October....thanks for the tips!

Raymond said...

Sometimes I can plan to have a bad weekend which will help resets the fat loss like a recovery weekend.
The only catch is I have to diet hard and do some intense exercising which puts me into a bit of overtraining but when comes the weekend it such a relief!
Cool point about entering running competitions, I've finally coaxed my wife and daughter to join in so now we enter a few runs every year ..makes it really enjoyable.