Thursday, September 30, 2010

End of Week #1 Stats~

Despite a less than stellar weekend (although total cal intake was prob not bad),  I got right back on track during the week and logged a .5 lb loss :).  Nothing special, but when you're close to your  goal weight it usually comes off slowly.

I also took some measurements today:

              Height ~ 5'4"
           Starting  ~ 125.5
           Current   ~ 125
               Goal   ~ 116-118

              Waist ~27 in
                Hips ~36 in
              Thigh ~20.75 in

I would like to decrease my waist and thigh #'s.  I know you can't chose were you lose, but I do tend to lose and gain in my stomach while my hips stay relatively the same.  I prefer my waist and hips to have at least a 10 in. difference which I have had at a lower weight.  I have narrow-ish hips but when my waist shrinks at least I get some curve :).

As far as my diet goes, I have not been following any plan or restricting any specific foods.  I'm all about calories in/calories out and I make sure to have a calorie deficit throughout the week.  I try to stay in between 1100-1400 cal per day, if I have a little more one day, I'll have less the next.  Mostly healthy foods but I don't forbid anything.  I'm going to continue with this method and see where it gets me, I might need to adjust to get a bit leaner when I'm near goal.

I look pretty much the same so no progress pics today, I have noticed my stomach is slightly tighter from all the planks I've been doing. I'm gonna keep up with them and maybe it will be more noticeable next week.

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